King MS Dhoni Now 5000 Plus IPL Runs Strong!

MS Dhoni

He may not have scored a mighty Chris Gayle or AB de Villiers-esque score in the IPL up to this point. As a matter of fact, he may not have scored a century at all. But for all his hard work, rigour and passion, the man described as ‘captain cool’ by much of the cricket world has now crossed 5,000 runs in the famous T20 league.

And there’s little surprise as to why the name that is trending at the moment on Twitter back in India is that of #Dhoni!

In a format where runs and big runs are about as important as the need to blink the eye or consume water, MS Dhoni’s achievement is indeed remarkable.

At the same time it brings into limelight the qualities around which the MS Dhoni parable is built.

Consistency and longevity

Though what’s rather interesting is the sheer manner in which the famous right hander from Ranchi, Jharkhand stamped his authority on the unforgettable veneer of the IPL.

Coming into bat not before the final over of the innings with the team score inching towards a monumental total, MS Dhoni fired a six immediately upon arrival.

The next ball culminated in yet another six. He’d eventually hold out on the very next delivery by which time he’d have already scored 12 off 3, and hence conjured a strike rate of 400. That’s very Brian Lara, right?

Though for all that he’s achieved and let it not be forgotten that Dhoni is the most experienced skipper in the IPL since the series’ inception, the lad has remained humble and hungry for success.

What’s interesting is that he has been piloting a team that’s often been scorned, been called names and even been branded as being nothing better than a ‘Dad’s army!’

Yet, the man has kept his cool and not been afraid to go out there and do his thing

The world saw a great example of the above in the just concluded contest against KL Rahul’s Lucknow SuperGiants where the newcomers were up to speed in their attempted run chase of CSK’s monumental total.

It was an occasion where not just Deshpande but even Hangargekar kept bowling wides and maintaining a line that was obnoxiously out of the off stump.

But despite collecting one wide too many safely behind the stumps, the captain Dhoni kept his cool; neither did he offer a tough word out for his constantly faltering bowlers nor did he seem irritated when that could so easily have been the case.

Maybe that’s the greatest thing about MS Dhoni that goes well beyond his attractive fitness, mental fortitude and even big blazing hitting.

Is MS Dhoni the Kimi Raikkonen of cricket?

That he’s just as cool as he is resilient. Someone never interested in the theaterics or shenanigans. Someone who is only interested in the live action.

It’s a very Kimi Raikkonen quality that puts Dhoni right on par with the Iceman; interestingly both unique sportsmen have 7 as their identity or preferred number.

Both are unique individuals who’ve impressed fans and contemporaries or rivals alike. Both like to maintain a low profile.

Though given that this is going to be his last ever season in the IPL by self admission, it is very unlikely that Dhoni will be off the newspaper covers or media headlines. Then, it doesn’t matter as whether he maintains a low profile or not; for the Iceman of Indian cricket will linger in one’s mind long after the current edition is dusted.

MS Dhoni
Dhoni has the Iceman’s enigma in Cricket


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