Are Cricket Journals Really Focusing On MS Dhoni’s Key CSK Vs GT Contest Or On Rumors And Theatrics?

MS Dhoni

There’ll be nerves. There’ll be thrills. And there are likely to be, at least, as per the fans on both sides of the spectrum, several permutations and combinations as per which both Chennai SuperKings and Gujarat Titans can come right on top today.

MS Dhoni the key man ahead of today’s huge game

Frankly speaking, given the sheer importance of the event and the sheer numbers (in terms of viewership) involved in today’s contest, the only cricket game that’s going to be talked a whole lot about on May 23, 2023 is the massive Playoff contest featuring Chennai SuperKings and Gujarat Titans.

And while surely, Hardik Pandya’s marshalling of his Titans has formed some roaring headlines this season during the IPL 2023, the one man who’ll likely form the biggest headline when compared to just about everybody is that true titan of the sport.

To some, he is just Mahi. While some call him Captain Cool. Others address him as the most famous wicket keeping batsman who ever featured for India. The name is MS Dhoni.


But what’s really strange is that ahead of the must win Playoff clash between Chennai SuperKings and Gujarat Titans, what’s making headline is the whiff of suspicion whether all’s well between MS Dhoni and Ravindra Jadeja.

Is desperation taking the better of us?

Call it the recklessness of sports journalists or the frustration of having to fill sports columns in the name of flimsy reporting that’s considered ‘news,’ but one just wonders about the sheer thoughtlessness on the part of writers that have prefered to focus their attention on a ‘supposed’ spat between MS Dhoni and Ravindra Jadeja.

That’s when there are, at least, a hundred other topics concerning today’s game that they may have wanted to focus their writings on.

Such as- whether MS Dhoni should be sending Jadeja ahead of himself, or if, MS Dhoni would like to feature in an additional spinner to challenge the GT batters or if, Dhoni would like to bat at number 3 in what could be a bold, maverick move?

The suspicions regarding a possible spat between the two gained more ground when Ravindra Jadeja, who was seen having an intense post game chat with his captain after CSK’s big win over Delhi posted on his Instagram a cryptic message, “Karma Will Get Back At You, Sooner or Later, It Surely Will.’

Though, to one’s untrained eye, it wasn’t so hard to see that while it may have been an intense post game chat, there was certainly MS Dhoni with his hands around Jadeja.

With so much to gain from today’s contest and so much to think about, especially from MS Dhoni’s perspective, does it really seem that the evergreen captain would be keen to weigh in on his ‘possible’ fallout with Jadeja instead of focusing elsewhere?

Which is why it’s only fair to question the standards of publications who call themselves journalists that where is it that they’re focusing?

Are dramatic themes and rumours the only space to base one’s cricket journalism on?

Forget not, that purely where his own batting form is concerned, it will be vital to focus on what MS Dhoni might be able to pull off against Gujarat in a very important clash; of late, there’s been much constructive debate as to where should Dhoni come out to bat in the order as he’s often been seen having no more than a couple of overs to face given he bats really low.

What will pressure do to him or will he, once again, stand like the ice cool leader he is; there’s so much to cover ahead of today’s game than focus on the theatrics and mere hearsay.


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